Service: Roof Cleaning

Summary: This article explains our 3-step process for our roof cleaning service.

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Is Moss Growing on Your Roof?

If you notice moss growing on your roof, there is likely a lot more moss there than you may be aware of.  Virtually every time we clean roofs, there ends up being a lot more moss than you can see from the ground.

Moss flourishes in cool, dark, damp environments.  That is why you will see moss growing on the north sides of roofs and when tall trees cast shadows over roofs.  As moss grows, it creates a symbiotic ecosystem of soil.  The longer it is left to grow, the faster it will populate your roof and the stronger the root system will become.

There are multiple effective methods of washing a roof that can get the results you’re looking for.  This article will show the process we use and factors to consider when you are looking to hire a local roof washing company.  In some cases the challenge can be finding a company that uses an environmentally safe approach to washing your roof.

If you decide it’s time to have your roof cleaned, we recommend having your roof cleaned once, and have your roof treated once a year to keep your roof moss-free and hinder moss regrowth.

Avoid Products That Contain Bleach

Some products in the marketplace contain bleach and phosphates which can be harmful to the environment.  It can be difficult to know if the company you’re hiring to wash your roof is using safe green cleaning products or not.

We would recommend avoiding products that contain bleach or phosphates on your roof since they will eventually make their way into local streams and affect water supplies in a negative way.

We suggest asking what product the company will be using to wash your roof and if it is known to contain any chlorine bleach, it would probably not be a good idea to hire them.  If the company is unwilling to be honest and transparent, it may be a good indicator of whether you want to hire them or not.

How to Know if a Company Uses Bleach to Clean Roofs

So let’s say you have hired a company to wash your roof and you don’t know for sure if they’re using bleach as the active ingredient to kill the moss growing on your roof.  The most obvious way to know if they’re using bleach is they may cover nearby plants, run long extension hoses from your gutters away from the house, and/or have a guy soaking plants and nearby grass with lots of water.

An Environmentally Safe Approach

To eliminate + hinder moss, mold, lichens, algae, and other harmful microorganism from growing and populating your roof, we use an environmentally safe approach that oxygenates while it cleans your roof.  The oxygenation process is actually what kills the moss, mold, lichen, etc.  You can see the product foam when it contacts harmful microorganisms in the video below.

3 Steps to Fully Clean a Roof

There are 3 steps to fully and effectively clean a typical moss covered roof.  It is always important to make roof safety a priority by installing a roof anchor, wearing a fall arrest safety harness, and attaching your safety line with anti panic rope grab to your roof anchor.  Once you have done this, you can safely navigate a roof and avoid serious injury and/or death.

Step 1:  The Roof Treatment

It’s best to first remove excess debris like pine needles, leaves, pine cones, etc. from the roof prior to treating a roof.  Once the roof is more clear and safe to walk on, we will treat the roof with the highest quality product on the market for washing roofs.  As the product goes on the roof, you will see it foam up with a white foam as it hits the moss, mold, lichen, algae, etc.  This foaming action means that the product is killing the undesirables that are growing on your roof.

Step 2:  Moss Removal

In some cases moss will need to be swept off by broom to fully remove it from a roof.  In other cases a rinse with the garden hose will be enough to remove moss.

Step 3: Final Rinse

A final rinse by garden hose as shown in the video below is the final step to cleaning a roof.  The rinse is gentle on the roof and is usually strong enough to rinse any remaining filth, moss, mold, lichen, etc from your roof.

DIY or Hire Us

You now know the basic steps to clean a roof.  It will require having the right equipment for the job and the proper products to use that be be both safe and effective for washing your roof.

If you’re nervous about using a ladder and/or climbing onto your roof, it may be a good idea to hire an experienced professional who have the safety know how, proper tools/equipment, and experience in effectively cleaning roofs.

When you decide to hire us to take care of this for you we will not only do make your roof moss-free again, we will also install a temporary roof safety anchor so we can wear a safety harness when washing your roof.

When the cleaning of your roof is completed, we will finally remove our safety anchor and seal any nail holes with roof sealant.

Enjoy Your Cleaned Roof

Now that your roof is clean and moss free, you can relax and enjoy your home again.  No more unsightly black filth, streaks or moss remain on your roof.  You may even be the envy of your neighbourhood.

Having this service done will likely ensure your house insurance covers you in the future.  Why wait any longer?  You can request a free quote today by tapping/clicking on the button below.  We’ll usually email you a free estimate within 2-3 business days.

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